We offer two different caskets/shrouds that meet those guidelines

for bio-degradable materials for burial.


The “Willow”

Passages Willow Caskets are crafted by hand in small rural cottage environments. The willow plant is fast-growing and does not need to be cut down to be harvested, making this a very sustainable material from which to produce caskets. This durable casket has a flat top and attractive design perfect for families that desire a simple, yet dignified farewell for a loved one. The Willow Casket is fully lined with a natural, unbleached cotton interior, and includes a matching pillow and privacy shield.



The “Blackstone”

Solid Popular Casket handmade with wood form sustainable and renewable forest management. It is made with non-toxic glue and wood dowels. It has solid popular bar handles. The Blackstone has no lining  at all. The simple lines of this casket fits the needs for many families. For those that always wanted a “pine casket”.




Burial Shroud


Made of 100% Natural undyed Cotton Muslin with standard features including: strong back piece, absorbent lining and 100% Jute handles for lifting and carrying. While traditional clothing may be made from synthetic material, the burial shroud is completely organic. Can be placed in a casket.


Burial Shroud